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Aluvion. Creating new land from the old. And that’s what we are doing. Using technology to bring people, business and the law together in new ways. In 2014, Aluvion was conceived by a small group of Bay St. veteran lawyers eager to do things differently.


How do we do it?


Create Great Products

Our clients are sophisticated business people, entrepreneurs and industry leaders. They are savvy professionals who know exactly what they need when it comes to legal services and products. We understand that. We also understand that our client’s need for legal support isn’t constant and clients need the flexibility to deal with unexpected legal hurdles in cost effective ways.
That’s why we created two novel products:

i) Bay Street in a Box – designed primarily for startups and entrepreneurs.

ii) Virtual In-House Counsel – designed for more established clients with variable legal needs.

Work from Wherever you work Best

Happy lawyers deliver excellent work. We know that. And our cloud based system means that our lawyers are able and encouraged to work whenever and wherever they work best. Our network of lawyers stretches all over Ontario and through our reliance on new technology, we are able to stay connected to each other and to our clients, regardless of where we are.

We keep productivity and responsiveness high and keep costs down.

Our location:
Our office is located at 365 Bay Street, in the centre of the financial district in Canada’s biggest city, Toronto, Ontario. We encourage clients to meet with us at our office. Our workplace is comfortable and accessible to Toronto’s business professionals. And indeed, most days you will find many of our lawyers working and having fun together in our open concept, Bay Street office. What you won’t find, are any Group of Seven paintings hanging on the wall. We have focused our resources on the things that matter most to clients and to us – timely, efficient delivery of high quality legal advice.

Focus on Culture

For all the advances new technology has brought to the practice of law, the value of any law firm still rests in the quality of the relationships between lawyers and clients. We are a small firm but we are building a team of individuals that share a unique commitment to doing legal differently.
What it means to Do Legal Differently...

Our focus isn’t solely on doing transactions for our clients. Our focus is building relationships. At our firm, our goal is to provide every client with the personal attention they need and the respect for their time and money they deserve. We definitely don’t have any priceless artwork on the wall… but what we do have is a colourful print reminding us everyday of what it means to Do Legal Differently.

It says:

  • Do great law.
  • Work from wherever you work best.
  • Being smart without ego is awesome.
  • Clients like responsiveness.
  • Be transparent on costs.
  • Disruption is a good thing.


Meet our team. We all have different stories. We come from Big Law firms like Stikeman Elliott or Torys. Some of us have entrepreneurial backgrounds and have run our own business. But we all have one thing in common – a commitment to doing this ‘lawyer’ thing in a new way.

Eric Apps


Eric’s corporate and securities practice focuses primarily on entrepreneurs, early stage and emerging market companies and the investment dealers, angel networks and other investors and lenders serving this market segment.

Read more about Eric...
  • Eric is the co-founder of Organimi, a provider of online org charts, photoboards and directories.
  • Eric has owned, operated and held board or senior management positions in several Canadian public and private technology companies;

My Experience

  • Principal, Aluvion Law
  • Co-founder, Organimi
  • Member, Golden Triangle Angel Network
  • Managing Partner, Wildeboer Dellelce LLP (Waterloo)
  • President, Angoss Software
  • Founding Partner, Wildeboer Apps
  • Lawyer, Stikeman Elliott LLP

My Education

  • LLM, University of Toronto
  • LL.B., University of Toronto
  • B.A., University of Toronto

My Life

A dedicated Toronto cyclist for most of his life, Eric bikes to work on all but the snowiest days and may or may not change out of cycling gear on arriving at the office, to the dismay and amusement of colleagues. Eric is also an avid reader, swimmer and snowboarder. In the summer he can be found dockside at his family cottage with his wife and two daughters. But you might also find him rocking out in the baritone section of Choir! Choir! Choir! Eric is also currently involved in organizing efforts to help a Syrian family establish new lives in Canada.

My Aluvion

My Aluvion is all about helping our clients achieve their dreams and creating a built to last team of smart, engaged innovators who laugh together every day.

email: eric@aluvionlaw.com   |   tel: 416-703-6464 ext. 202

Eric Apps


Michael’s broad corporate/commercial and securities practice supports the needs of growth stage companies looking to raise capital, grow their operations, or add efficiencies and governance.

Read more about Michael...

Michael has practiced big law and small law and has held senior management positions in two Canadian public companies, one in the telecom space and the other in the loyalty marketing/analytics space. This provides a solid base of business and legal experience that clients appreciate.

My Experience

  • Principal, Aluvion Law
  • General Counsel, COO, The Futura Loyalty Group Inc.
  • General Counsel, Axxent Inc.
  • Director of Associate Programs, Goodmans LLP
  • Lawyer, Stikeman Elliott LLP

My Education

  • L.L.B., Osgoode Hall
  • BA (Honours), McGill University

My Life

  • Michael’s two main passions are animals and fitness. Michael enjoys roaming through the trails of the Don Valley on his mountain bike. Michael and his partner Chitty love to discover the ever increasing vegan fare that Toronto has to offer and also enjoy tending to their backyard garden when the mosquitos are not too menacing.

My Aluvion

  • My Aluvion is all about the people. The people that are behind the contracts, the people that I work with and the people that I meet, all of whom enhance my life every day. My Aluvion is about creating a collaborative environment that sparks new ideas and challenges tradition and a culture that embraces flexibility and inclusiveness.


email: michael@aluvionlaw.com   |   tel: 416-703-6464 ext. 203

Eric Apps


Jonathan is an associate practicing in the areas of corporate securities, business transfers, and corporate/commercial litigation, where he seeks to leverage his entrepreneurial background to help his clients work through both their legal and business needs.

Read more about Jonathan...

Jonathan also maintains a litigation practice and has successfully appeared in front of the Small Claims Court, Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court of Ontario, and various tribunals.

My Experience

  • Lawyer, Aluvion P.C.
  • Pro Bono Law Ontario

My Education

  • B.A. (Honours) McGill University
  • L.L.B., University of Leicester

My Life

Jonathan was born and raised in a small town outside of Barrie, Ontario. While he now lives in the downtown core, Jonathan tries to find time to maintain his love of the outdoors by playing soccer and volleyball, fishing, visiting cottages, and spending time on well-sunned patios during the summer months. Prior to moving to Toronto, Jonathan studied in both Montreal and in Leicester, England. Jonathan is an avid reader, sports fan, red wine aficionado, and travel enthusiast. After having attended the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, is currently making preparations to attend the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

My Aluvion

My Aluvion is about changing the way businesses access legal services and the way lawyers provide these services.

email: jonmackenzie@aluvionlaw.com   |   tel: 416-703-6464 ext. 204

Eric Apps


Meaghan practices in the area of corporate/commercial litigation with a focus on contractual disputes, shareholder disputes, collection matters, intellectual property infringement, defamation, professional negligence, insolvency, fraud and creditor rights.

Read more about Meaghan...

Meaghan also has experience in maritime and transport law as well as government accountability. Meaghan has effectively represented individuals and businesses in litigation before the Superior Court of Ontario, Commercial List, Federal Court of Canada, as well as in various administrative tribunals.

My Experience

  • Lawyer, Aluvion P.C.
  • Magrath O’Connor LLP
  • O’Connor Richardson P.C.

My Education

  • J.D., Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie Univeristy
  • B.Sc. (Honours), Queen’s University

My Life

At a young age, Meaghan became passionate about travel and the environment and was always taking on new causes (much to the chagrin of family!). When family and friends told Meaghan she should consider a career in the law, in typical devil’s advocate form, Meaghan pursued a degree in environmental science. Finally coming into her true self, Meaghan discovered (or acknowledged) a passion for advocacy and now spends her time taking on her client’s causes and advocating zealously on their behalf. In her free time, Meaghan can be found taking epically long walks throughout Toronto’s various neighbourhoods exploring new restaurants and boutiques.

My Aluvion

For me, Aluvion is about shifting the practice of litigation towards a more collaborative approach. I strive to work with clients to resolve their disputes in a financially efficient manner with reasoned, strategic and objective advice.

email: meaghanrichardson@aluvionlaw.com   |   tel: 416-703-6464 ext. 208

Aulona Arbana


Aulona joined Aluvion as an associate and is building her practice in general corporate law to assist clients with a variety of business needs.


Read more about Aulona...

Aulona’s experience working at a Fortune 500 company provides the foundation for her understanding of clients’ business needs.

My Experience

  • Associate, Aluvion P.C.
  • Keyser Mason Ball, LLP
  • Third Judicial Circuit Court, Detroit, MI
  • Caterpillar Financial Services Limited

My Education

  • J.D., University of Windsor Faculty of Law
  • J.D., University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
  • B.A. (Economics), McGill University

My Life
Born in Albania, Aulona was raised in Mississauga, Ontario, after immigrating with her family at six years old. She is passionate about giving others the same opportunities she is grateful to have received. In law school, Aulona chaired the Peer Mentorship Committee and led the committee to the highest number of mentor-mentee pairings in the program’s 11-year history. She also volunteered with the Windsor Mission to serve meals to the homeless. Upon graduating, Aulona was one of a select group of students to be awarded the J.W. Whiteside Award for her contributions to the Windsor community.

In her time off, Aulona enjoys playing with her labradoodle, reading historical biographies, and listening to Roz & Mocha on the morning radio. In the wintertime, you’ll find her with skates on wherever she can find ice.


My Aluvion
My Aluvion is about learning from a team of innovative lawyers who are committed to providing legal services in a way that suit evolving client needs.

email: aulonaarbana@aluvionlaw.com |   tel: 416-703-6464 ext. 205

Eric Apps


Lorena is Aluvion’s dynamic and dedicated office manager.  She ensures the day-to day operations run smoothly and does a great job of keeping our many ducks in a row. Her managerial skills are only part of what she brings to the table.

Read more about Lorena...

She is fluent in Spanish and has over 10 years of experience in areas such as immigration, criminal and entertainment law.  Lorena has a passion for knowledge, and Googles everything she doesn’t know about yet, making her the go-to person for almost anything.

My Experience

  • Office Manager, Aluvion P.C.
  • Addario Law Group
  • Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP
  • Partners Film Inc.

My Education

  • Court & Tribunal Agent (Honours), Humber College
  • Law Clerk, Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario

My Life

Lorena is a Toronto native and a self-proclaimed trivia nerd with a love for dogs, travelling and reading.  When she is not brushing up on her subject matter du jour, she is cooking up new cuisines, practicing yoga, studying Italian and French, and imploring people not to litter.

My Aluvion

My Aluvion is about offering everybody the VIP treatment – be it a big time CEO or a one-person shop.  It is about being inclusive and accommodating and offering the same level of excellence to all.

email: lorenavalderrama@aluvionlaw.com   |   tel: 416-703-6464 ext. 200


“Teamwork is working together — even when apart.”

Who are we?

  • Veteran Bay Street lawyers looking to subvert the model of the tradition law firm.
  • Parents, who are also lawyers, who are ACTUALLY balancing work and home life instead of just talking about it.
  • The next generation of young professionals who don’t see why working hard has to mean sitting in the office from dawn til dusk…. Or longer.

Are you who we’re looking for?

We are a growing firm. We want to add smart, efficient, cool lawyers to our team.

Are you looking for a challenging, exciting opportunity to practice law outside the confines and traditions of a traditional law firm? Ask yourself:

  • What matters more? Where you do the work? Or the quality of the work you deliver?
  • Do you value flexibility over structure?
  • Do you want to spend more time out of the office than in it?
  • Are you willing to experiment with new technology to find ways to work fast and smarter?
  • Are you ready for a change?

Do these ideas resonate with you?

Contact us to talk about what the future might look like.
Contact Us Now!

Current Opportunities

We do not have any current job opportunities but we are always looking to meet new and interesting people.  Contact us today at info@aluvionlaw.com to learn more about us and tell us more about you. 
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