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Offering flat-fee billing is just part of how Aluvion Law is Doing Legal Differently™. Recently, one of Aluvion’s very own, Suzanne Dicerni, was interviewed by Bianca Thomas from The Canadian Bar Association on lawyers with flexible work arrangements.

Understanding the need for non-traditional work arrangements is the foundation of Aluvion’s company culture. Creating an atmosphere with a healthy work-life balance enables the lawyers to feel valued and trusted.

“The idea is to treat people like adults” – Suzanne Dicerni.

Aluvion is made up of legal innovators, disrupting the conventional model. Having confidence in the work ethic of our employees is what empowers us to thrive as a group.

Read the article: http://www.cba.org/Sections/Women-Lawyers-Forum/Articles/2017/February/Making-flex-time-work